Date Submitted: 29/03/2022 09:08 AM

    According to the IP Law 2005, amended 2009,2019, the term of validity for a copyright is as follows:

    1. Personal rights to name his or her work; to put his or her real name or pseudonym in the work; to have his or her real name; or to protect the integrity of his or her work, to object to any alteration, mutilation, distortion or other modification in any form which prejudice against his or her honor and prestige pseudonym mentioned when his or her work is published or used shall be protected indefinitely.

    2. Personal rights of publish his or her work or authorize another person to do so and property rights stipulated shall be protected with the following terms:

    a)   Cinematographic  works,  photographic  works,  dramatic  works,  applied  art  works, anonymous  works  shall  have  the  term  of  protection  of  50  years  from  their  first publications. If within  50 years from the fixation, cinematographic work, dramatic works have not been published, the term of protection shall be  50 years from the fixation  date  of  the  work;  with  regard  to  an  anonymous  work,  when  information relating to the author is available, the term of protection shall be counted as stipulated in paragraph b below;

    b)   Other works of any other type not referred to in clause 2(a) shall have the term of protection being during the life of the author and for 50 years from the year of his or her death; in respect of works created by co-authors, the term of protection shall be ended at the 50th year after the year of death of the last surviving co-author.

    c)   Terms of protection shall be ended at 24 o’clock of the date of 31 December of the year when the protection term ends.


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